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Program "Diamond Care"

The program "Diamond Care" offers its members the following premium services:


  • Book an appointment outside of standard (health insurance covered) office hours.

  • Use the so-called "Personal Care Coordinator" (arranging appointments with specialists).

  • Consult your health problems from a distance even outside fixed office hours.

  • Receive  your laboratory results and medical records electronically. 

  • Application of vaccines free of charge (+ cost of the vaccine itself if not covered by health insurance).

  • Free blood and other biological sampling upon your request (laboratory tests are paid separately according to the price list of the laboratory). 

  • Free basic sonographic examination in the doctor's office ( for non-members of this program, a fee of 500 CZK per area examinated).

  • Consultation with the doctor is possible even the weekend by phone or in the office by agreement.

  • Advenced laboratories tests (ABO typing, level tetanus antibody test, hepatitis A and B antibodies test).

  • Mental health support.

  • Creating of personal health plan.

Žádost o členství v programu "Diamond Care"

Annual program "Diamond Care" membership fee is 12000 CZK 
Semi-annual program "Diamond Care" membership fee is 7000 CZK

Quarterly program "Diamond Care" membership fee is 3500 CZK 

Thank you!

Important Notice: Our registered patients who are not members of the program "Diamond Care" have the same quality care as the members of this program with the difference that this care takes place only during standard office hours!

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